Tuition Rates for School Year 2017/2018

Click here to download a copy of our tuition rates for 2017-2018


2 half days/week

$2,004/year or $200.40/month

3 half days/week

$2,706/year or $270.60/month

5 half days/week

$3,508/year or $350.80/month

Preschool with Full-Time Daycare

Monday – Friday

$9,588.70/year or $958.87/month

Kindergarten ~ 8th Grade

Member Rate

Community Rate

One Child

$4,047/year or $404.70/month

$5,396/year or $539.60/month

Two Children

$6,880/year or $688.00/month

$9,174/year or $914.40/month

Three Children

$8,499/year or $849.90/month

$11,332/year or $1,133.20/month

Four Children

$8,904/year or $890.40/month

$11,872/year or $1,187.20/month