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Dear ZLS Families,

How is it that we are already coming to the end of another school year? It seems to me that each year goes by quicker than the last! Do you feel that way, too? Even with the school year going by so quickly, I’m still amazed in all that we have accomplished as a school this year. The God of the Bible is good, no actually He is perfect, and all we can do is simply thank and praise Him for it!

So, what has been accomplished this school year? First, and foremost, Jesus has been our leader and guide each and every day. As a staff, we have been very blessed to share the love of Jesus and teach his Word (Bible) each and every day to your children. Students at Zion have been blessed to participate in chapels and service projects throughout the year. Students have also been praying daily and applying God’s word to their lives. This alone is a great accomplishment and a blessing worth praising!

Zion’s teachers have been working hard each day planning lessons, teaching lessons, and building relationships with you parents, and your children. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they then go home and grade papers for several hours each day, too! Most importantly, teachers have been praying for your children daily and working with them to be lifelong followers of Jesus! Our teachers deserve a huge THANK YOU for all that they do. They are not perfect, but are passionate about Christ and serving your family.

Zion Lutheran is very blessed to have additional staff that makes our school great outside the classroom, too. Our custodial team helps to keep our facility clean and looking good. They also work with the trustees of the church to repair and maintain the church and school building. Our lunchroom staff provides a quality, nutritional meal each day for our students who choose to eat hot lunch. They work hard to prepare the meals and serve them each day, all the while, trying to keep the kitchen orderly and clean. Thank you to all of Zion’s teacher aides who assist the classroom teacher. Teacher aides are such a blessing to the teachers they serve in that they help to assist students with learning, help maintain good supervision, and take care of miscellaneous things that allow the teacher to focus on teaching. Our school is blessed to have a school library. Without the hard work of parents organizing the library and volunteering their time to take shifts, we would not be able to offer this amazing program. Last, but not least, I’m very thankful for my office staff here at Zion. Without them, I would be in a world of hurt! They take care of all the day to day needs of the teachers, parents, and students. They answer all the phone calls and take messages when needed. They deal with student sicknesses and bloody knees. They are the glue that makes the school run smoothly!

Zion’s students have been working hard learning about the world in which they live. More importantly, they have been working hard learning about the world which is to come! Giving students a place to come daily where faith is supported and hearing the Word is priceless. Our students have worked hard this year focusing on their studies, asking questions, completing homework, and studying for tests. Many of them have written essays, and completed projects in various subjects.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all the Zion parents for all their support and hard work put in this year to help our school and your children succeed! Thank you to all our parent volunteers, you help to make this school a great place to be!

In Christ,
Mr. Zach Brewer