Since 1899 Zion Lutheran School has been providing its students with an exceptional Christian academic education.  Our commitment to a Christ-centered and high-quality education has given us an honored spot among Colorado’s private schools. Zion Lutheran is accredited by National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. As of 2009 Zion Lutheran School is ranked the 35th largest Lutheran school in the nation.

Zion Lutheran School, its staff, and parents have a rich history of training students to attain future educational goals and life skills. However, the most important thing we provide here at Zion is a nurturing environment where students can grow in their knowledge and faith of our Lord Jesus. We do this simply by sharing God’s love with them through the teaching, worshipping, and living out of God’s Word, the Bible.

Speaking of Zion’s rich history, we have an excellent track record of placing our graduates in honors classes at their respective high schools. We also have a great reputation in that we have many of our students placing in the top ten of their class academically.  Our graduates are also known for participation in high school extra-curricular activities such as sports and school clubs.

If you are already a family of Zion Lutheran School, please enjoy the benefits of this website. If you are an interested, prospective family of Zion, please feel free to call us to schedule a time to visit our school. We would love to give you a tour of our facility, and answer any questions you might have.

In Christ,
Zach Brewer, Principal