Hello all, I am George Villacres, the schools’ music teacher. I am happy to be on staff here at Zion for the last 2 years, and would invite you to get to know the program. At Zion, we have general music classes for each grade, K-6, a Handbells elective class for the middle school students, Band for 4th-8th grade students, Middle School Choir, 4th Grade Choir, and 5th grade Choir and various other opportunities for the students. The students have multiple performance opportunities through Services, Concerts, and Musicals.

The purpose of our general music class is to prepare students to praise God through song, using their voice and physical instruments. Students learn performance techniques, such as ensemble and solo performance, utilizing music reading and theory through sacred and secular, modern and classic, and folk and popular songs. Students prepare for both a musical and a concert throughout the year. Students learn echoing, rhythm, and movements/dance. Performance opportunities include singing for both school and Sunday services, and singing at special events.

Our Handbell class is an elective that is offered to our Middle School students. Students learn performance techniques on Bells, which teaches students how to read and perform intricate parts within an ensemble. All students are expected to take a Handbell class as an elective, starting in 6th grade. Students perform at both services and concerts.

We offer Band either before or after school twice a week. Students learn how to perform as an ensemble, on different band instruments such as Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. Students also perform two concerts per year, and have other performance opportunities.

The following is our performance schedule for this year. We invite you to come to the performances, and check out what our students are doing.