School Year 2017/2018


  • 2 half days/week : $110.00
  • 3 half days/week : $125.00
  • 4 half days/week : $155.00
  • 5 half days/week : $180.00

Preschool Extended Care

  • $210.00

Grades K-8 (per child)

  • $330.00

A discount of 3% applies for full payment annually; 1.5% by semester. (3% applies until Aug. 15th only of the current school year)

Tuition & Registration Fees: Explanation

Educational costs often rise at a higher rate of inflation than does our economy. Here at Zion, we try and combat increasing costs by relying on our church to help support our school’s overall costs. The cost in educating a child here at Zion for the 2017-2018 academic year is $6,390.00 for each full-time student in grades K-8. Thankfully, with the support of our congregation, the cost to our community family is $5,396.00. God bless our congregation for making up the difference as a support of its ministry to the school.

Registration fees help support the overall budget. These fees are used to pay for supplies that are needed for teachers, students, technology, and office operations. A more detailed list is given below…

Administrative: Accreditation Fees, Teacher Seminars, Prof. Publication
Communications:: Brochures, Displays/Ads
Curriculum: Art, Computer, Current Events, Preschool, Health, English, Library, Math, Music/Choir, Physical Ed., Reading, Religion, Science, History, Spelling
Educational Supplies: K-8 Classrooms, Preschool, Teachers
Equipment: Copier Contracts/Maintenance Repairs, Furniture, New Purchase, Piano Tuning, Fish Tank Cleaning
In-Service: 1st Aid / CPR Training, Workshops on/off site
Miscellaneous: Assemblies, Lutheran Schools Week, Christmas/Spring Musical, Teacher Recognition, Contingency
Office: Postage, 1st Aid Supplies, Office Supplies, Record Forms
Technology: Internet/Filtering, Hardware Replacement, Printer Cartridges, Maintenance, Virus Protection, Lutheran School Portal