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Young Boy Playing BasketballWe’ve received a lot of questions about the Slam Dunk Fundraiser that is posted in the narthex and school atrium and we’d like to take this opportunity to address them.

  • What is the Slam Dunk Fundraiser?
    The Slam Dunk Fundraiser is an initiative to raise $100,000 to replace Zion’s gym floor and bleachers.
  • Why do we need a new gym floor?
    The current gym floor uses asbestos tiles that are starting to break apart in certain areas of the gym. Beyond the cosmetic effect, this creates a safety issue due to the uneven surface and affects events held in the gym. These tiles are costly to repair as we must have an asbestos-trained person to do the work. Additionally, individual tiles cannot be replaced because tiles of similar thickness or color are no longer available for purchase.
  • Why do we need new bleachers?
    The current bleachers are not a closed system, which means we have open gaps between seating rows. They are a safety issue for many who struggle to walk thru the rows to their seats. Students or adults attending a concert or game frequently hurt themselves by accidently slipping and injuring their ankles or feet. A lesser issue is the amount of items that fall into the gaps, causing people to go under the system to pick up items or clean spills.
  • Who benefits from this project?
    Our entire ministry at the church and school benefits from this project. Both the church and school use the gym year-round as a multipurpose facility. The church uses it for music concerts, guest presenters, the church bazaar, coffee hour, and youth programs. The school uses it for P.E., lunch program, assemblies, sports programs, and musicals.
  • Why does it cost so much?
    $100,000 is a lot of money but it is the most reasonable solution. We received numerous bids for the gym floor and narrowed the bids down to three companies. The most expensive bid was $95,000 for the gym floor alone. We also received a bid for $58,000 but ultimately, we went with the least expensive bid of $48,000. This solution will lay down a vapor barrier on top of the asbestos tiles before the Pulastic Classic rubberized flooring is laid down. . This approach saves $10,000-$20,000 by not removing the asbestos tiles. The vapor barrier is a certified material that meets all safety requirements. The cost of the bleachers is $30,000. The new bleachers are a closed system made of a hardened plastic with a metal frame. They will be much lighter than our current bleachers, making it far easier to move them back and forth. More importantly, the closed system will make it much safer for people to move freely to and from their seats. $20,000 has been set aside for contingency to address any unexpected costs.
  • How much money has been raised?
    We have raised $4,000 towards our goal to date. Zion’s National Junior Honor Society and PTL are supporting this project through various fundraising projects. Additionally, proceeds from Zion’s upcoming auction on April 15 will go towards supporting this project. If you would like to support this project, please call the school office for more information, or make checks payable to Zion Lutheran School. On the memo line, write the word, “Gym.”

If you are interested in further details or would like to discuss possible funding for the project, please contact Zach Brewer at 303.659.3443.