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Welcome to Teacher Appreciation Week. Schools across the nation celebrate and honor their teachers through out this week. Here at Zion, our PTL, will be honoring our teachers each day with fun themed items. As the principal of Zion Lutheran, I’m very blessed to work with such dedicated teachers and staff. I have the written the following to honor my teachers and to give a glimpse as to what life is like as a teacher here at Zion…

You know the old saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”? True or not, I believe teaching is just as rewarding and demanding as those who are in the category of “doers versus teachers.” The teaching ministry here at Zion Lutheran School is very demanding even if for just ten months of the year. A teacher’s day never begins or ends when the bell rings to start or end the school day. Teachers are often in the building as early as 6:30 am. Teachers are often ending their day at school as late as 4:30 or 5:00 pm. That alone can be an average of a 10 hour day or longer. Even then, most teachers still have to grade papers for another hour or so! Due to the joys of technology, teachers also must input those grades into an online software that allows parents to view grades. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that on top of all this, teachers often come in on a Saturday or Sunday to make all their necessary copies and lesson planning for the following week. Teachers do all this because at the end of the day they love teaching and love being around your children. They love having the opportunity to share Jesus and to pray with their students. Most importantly, they love seeing a child grow up strong in their faith as they live for Jesus each day.

Did you know…

  • Teachers at Zion are paid at a rate that is comparable to 80% of what 27J teachers make. The per pupil income received from 27J is higher than what we charge for tuition here at Zion.
  • Teachers at Zion supervise students at lunch and must also supervise recess, whereas their public school counterparts often have paras to supervise those times.
  • Teachers at Zion must teach their own P.E. classes, whereas their public school counterparts often have full-time P.E. teachers.
  • Teachers at Zion volunteer to coach a sport, tutor students, lead clubs after school, and coordinate school events
  • Teachers at Zion also volunteer to help with church related ministries such as VBS, Sunday School, and Children’s messages.

My teachers would tell you that even though each day is demanding, it is also a joy! The joy comes from knowing we are servants of the Lord fulfilling a greater purpose. A purpose that has eternal consequences. We believe in the power of Christ, and are passionate about working with you the parent to educate your child spiritually, emotionally, and academically. If you have a chance this week, please take time to thank your child’s teacher for all they do!